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Award-Winning Two-Factor Authentication

Companies recognize the need for strong authentication to protect their data and other digital assets, but they may lack the requisite skills, manpower, infrastructure or budget to implement a two-factor authentication solution. CRYPTOCard's new Managed Authentication Service offers the benefits of strong two-factor authentication without the need to implement the infrastructure in house.

CRYPTO-MAS is a managed service that provides two-factor authentication for companies that do not want to manage it themselves. CRYPTO-MAS is based on CRYPTOCard’s award-winning authentication technology, which is deployed by major organizations in over 70 countries.

Key CRYPTO-MAS Benefits:

  • Strong authentication without hassle
  • Quick to implement: no new hardware or software to install
  • Low cost & reduced technical burden
  • Auditability and standards compliance
  • Scaleable: 5 – 50,000+ users
  • Flexible: Mix & match authentication

Increased Security

CRYPTO-MAS provides all the security benefits of CRYPTOCard strong authentication:

  • Positive verification of users based on two factors, an authentication token and a PIN;
  • Protection against shoulder surfing, social engineering, phishing and other forms of password theft;
  • Reduced help desk calls due to lost or forgotten passwords, mandatory password complexity and password expiry.

Easy to Implement

CRYPTO-MAS requires no additional investment in infrastructure. Nor does it require your employees to have technical skills in two-factor authentication. You can be up and running with a secure, reliable, strong authentication mechanism within hours.

Low Up-front Costs

Because you are not purchasing any software or servers to implement your authentication solution, your up-front costs are significantly reduced. CRYPTOCard offers the CRYPTOMAS service for a low monthly fee, providing predictability in your expenditures and scalability as you grow. The only upfront cost to the end-user is the purchase of the selected tokens and an annual managed service fee.

High level of Service

CRYPTOCard’s Service Level Agreement provides you with the protection of a high level of service, without the requirement of staffing a help desk with technically sophisticated employees.


CRYPTOCard’s Managed Authentication Portal (CRYPTO-MAP) provides a secure, easy-to-use interface for provisioning users, assigning tokens and other administrative tasks. You can manage users and tokens yourself without having to contact CRYPTOCard.

Multiple AuthNodes

CRYPTOCard’s authentication service is activated by pointing your authentication node (AuthNode) at the CRYPTO-MAS Server for servicing authentication requests. CRYPTO-Server supports a wide range of AuthNodes, including VPN concentrators, SSL VPNs, Firewalls and IIS and Apache websites.


CRYPTOCard's Authentication Service is activated by pointing your NAS Device at the CRYPTO-Server for servicing authentication requests. CRYPTO-MAS supports a multitude of 3rd party Remote Access Solutions. If your device or software supports RADIUS, CRYPTOCard's strong two-factor authentication (2FA) can be employed. Some of the RAS devices that are supported are:

  • Check Point VPN-1 NG/FP3 and NGX
  • Cisco PIX Firewall
  • Cisco VPN 3000 (models 3005 through 3080)
  • Citrix Access Gateway / Citrix Web Interface 4.0
  • Juniper SSL VPN
  • Microsoft's Remote Routing and Access Service (RRAS)
  • Reflection for Secure IT (formerly F-Secure SSH) & OpenSSH
  • WatchGuard Firebox
  • Web Servers - IIS & Apache Radius, including PHP, C, Java and Ruby 


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