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Smaller. More Flexible. More powerful. More options.

CRYPTO-Shield is an integrated package of function-specific modules to provide optimal performance, flexibility, workflow automation, interoperability, and reliability for strong authentication. Many modules can replace or augment technologies which are already deployed within your organization. CRYPTO-Shield seamlessly integrates into your corporate structure and provides the widest possible range of options to define, implement, execute, and verify network security access policy.

CRYPTOCard’s new award winning two-factor authentication (2FA) suite is CRYPTO-Shield 6.4. CRYPTO-Shield is the only two-factor authentication solution that will operate seamlessly in a real-world mixed OS network. Any Mac, Linux or Windows server can serve any Mac, Linux or Windows clients. This new solution extends 2FAs reach with “Disconnected Authentication” and enhances existing services to make it easier than ever to take full advantage of the powerful and adaptable authentication and ID management tool. With less of a drain on system resources, the newest release features M2M (Machine to Machine) architecture that uses only a tiny fraction of the client side resources of previous versions. With a footprint of just a few K and using minimal RAM, CRYPTO-Shield 6.4 is a greatly streamlined authentication solution.

CRYPTO-Shield provides organizations with the following:

  • Stronger Security – CRYPTO-Logon Agent provides enhanced security when the user is online and connected to the network, or offline, by replacing Microsoft static passwords with one-time passcodes. It provides protection against the clear and present threat of security breaches from both outside and within the firewall, ensuring that only legitimate users gain network access.

  • Ease-of-Use – CRYPTO-Logon Agent provides a simple, consistent logon procedure for users logging on to their desktop. Once in place, organizations can eliminate the need to implement password change policies, thereby reducing user error, frustration, and help-desk calls. Through CRYPTOCard’s extensive support of industry standards, this solution extends to provide seamless integration for VPN, WLAN, Web, and application access solutions from industry leaders such as Citrix and Cisco.

  • Compliance/Auditing – CRYPTO-Logon Agent complements auditing and reporting with detailed access logs and reports that can help companies meet compliance requirements for industry and government regulations, such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, or Gramm-Leach-Bliley