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Smaller. More Flexible. More powerful. More options.

A token is a network access ‘key’ that is most easily compared to a bank card – to gain access to a protected network a user must a have a token – in the same way they need a bank card to use an automatic banking machine. The token is the physical and first factor of the two-factor authentication process, sometimes referred to as the ‘something only you have’.

A token, while cryptographically complex and, from an engineering perspective, a truly high-technology security device, really has a simple job – it is used to generate a new one-time password for every network login attempt. Each password can be used just once and then will never work again.

To prevent a problem with a lost or stolen token being used inappropriately, the token is protected by a secret PIN known only to the end user. The PIN is the second factor of authentication often referred to as the ‘something only you know’.

Token Types

CRYPTOCard makes a wide selection of tokens that offer different user benefits. An organization can select the token most appropriate for their user base and security policies.

Tokens are available in two main types – hardware tokens and software tokens. Hardware tokens are physical devices that, with the simple push of a button, generate a new one-time password. Configurable in many ways these tokens can deliver the highest degree of security.

A Software token, as the name suggests, is an application that can be accessed in several ways. The token can reside on a user’s computer desktop (ideal and cost effective for anyone who only needs access from one computer) or ‘portable’ software tokens are available as Smart Card and USB devices as well as being available for mobile equipment like our Software Token for Blackberry – which literally turns your Blackberry into your password generating device.

Once in place the token-enabled CRYPTOCard two-factor authentication solution ensures that you can provide strong protection for your online assets while managing the competing priorities of:

End Users – CRYPTOCard’s 2FA solution is embraced by end users. Easier (and obviously MUCH more effective) than having to remember (and change) random passwords, end users appreciate something that actually simplifies their logon process.

Security Administrators – We normally only have to point out that they’ll never have to troubleshoot another forgotten password to win the favour of Network/Security Admins. But they are also quick to appreciate the extensively configurable variables that CRYPTO-Tokens allow.

CFO – Rather than juggling budgets and trading-off technology, the CRYPTOCard solution typically pays for itself (in helpdesk cost savings alone) in just a matter of months. Add to that the fact that our tokens are permanent (some competitors require, by contract, that tokens be replaced every 2-5 years) with user-changeable batteries and simple one-time licensing fees… and it all adds up to a happy balance sheet.

Everyone else… – Because every organization is different and users within each company can have vastly different needs, CRYPTOCard Tokens are available in a wide range of formats and styles to provide the utmost in convenience, portability, durability, interoperability and multi-role functionality.

CRYPTO-Tokens Overview